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Here you will find how organisations like yours are creating better economies through effective local content implementation.

Organisations and local content policy makers come to us if they want to use procurement to achieve local content objectives. We create realistic local content plans for organisations seeking to fulfil local content objectives. We can also work with you to make local content implementation a strategic competency which makes you stand out when when bidding for oil and gas or mining concessions, renewable energy development or other infrastructure projects with challenging local content objectives.

"Your advice was informative, educational and timely - game changing in fact. We can push back! We are now in a better position to negotiate with our oil and gas multinational partners operating here. In addition to appreciating their supply chain and commercial drivers, we are equally clearer  on how and when to engage, who to talk to within the oil and gas companies and the different contracting strategies that can help us achieve local content, given local supply limitations, so that we maximise the supply chain opportunities available to local companies.",  National Content and Capacity Building Advisor, East Africa. 

“We strongly believe that access to economic opportunity is the first step to creating a sustainable economy. Our aim is to contribute to a better society and a better world by creating economic opportunities by using procurement as a development tool.”

Jillian Lilico - Managing Director



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  • We genuinely care about success: for ourselves and thus for you. We are happy to accept local procurement and local content targets in the delivery of our work!
  • Our clients have endorsed our capability,
  • We offer a team of qualified professionals with a track record of experience and proven delivery capability so you get the best value and added value for what you pay.

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