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"Local procurement is the practice of opening up opportunities for the participation of local small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) in your supply chain so that the community expands its economic opportunities and creates local jobs which regenerate regional and emerging economies. As the buyer, your local procurement strategy should create benefits for you as well. This can be done by identifying the corporate objectives to which local procurement can positively contribute and creating a programme of local purchasing activities to achieve those objectives.  Once implemented, your investment in achieving good local procurement capabilities should be turned into business capital in order to help you win new contracts or further social license to operate”

What We Offer:

  • Local purchasing strategy development for developers and main contractors integrated into your procurement processes and standards.
  • Business case development
  • Internal change management activities for effective implementation of your strategy
  • Identification of “priority contracts” for local procurement based both on the capabilities of the local supplier base and on internal spend analysis
  • Local stakeholder and resource mapping in order to encourage integration with the local community and to avoid duplication
  • Monitoring and review support for internal and external stakeholders

Why Choose Us?

  • Commitment to finding true alignment with the needs of the local community and your corporate objectives
  • Professionally experienced professionals of addressing the needs of local stakeholders and internal stakeholders by identifying areas for mutual benefit
  • A belief in finding quantifiable benefits that can support your future growth and also demonstrate the impact in the local community
  • Creation of the second local purchasing strategy toolkit in the United Kingdom

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