Jillian Lilico, Managing Director

Jillian Lilico, MD, has held senior positions on a wide range of economic development projects, seeing through projects which have successfully delivered on local procurement targets. In South America, she led donor funded projects focussed on institutional strengthening and reform. She also wrote the City of London Coporation's Local Procurement Toolkit, a practical local procurement aid for Corporate organisations working in the Square Mile and created an innovative web-based local content tracking and monitoring tool to support local content delivery in a replicable, cost effective way. Jillian is a highly-regarded speaker conference panellist contributing to best practice and the debate on local content, small to medium size enterprise development and local supply chains. At the prestigious IQPC Global Local Content Summit, she will be presenting on the topic: Contributing to sustainable development and local content through the development of renewable energy supply chains to service Oil and Gas power needs.




Dr. Johann Leuckx


A Ph. D. A Cultural anthropologist/ African Studies with 25 years of research experience in Sub–Saharan Africa (mainly Central and West-Africa), Johann’s research include political (like conflict prevention, identity change) and socio-economic as well as environmental issues. Dr Leuckx leads
on our social research projects. 


Dr. Stacy A.A. Hope

A Ph.D. Anthropologist with eight years research experience on/in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, Stacy’s social research ventures include mining and corporate social responsibility, sustainability, REDD+ strategies, cultural heritage and identity, social and environmental issues and alternatives, youth and gender issues and human rights policies.




Gloria Austin

Gloria has an international corporate banking, risk and legal compliance background. She led these business areas at the Royal Bank of Scotland and Gruppo Sanpaolo IMI and she now leads on our Bribery Act solutions for business.


Gloria holds a business law degree from the London Metropolitan University and she is also a current lecturer of International Business Studies. She is a fluent Italian and Spanish speaker adding to our ability to work with international areas of your business.

Dr. Dharam Panesar

Dharam has worked for over 20 years at senior director level in the UK National Health Service and Health and Social Care transformation projects. These ranged from technical Electronic Document Management System Implementation to organisational development and improvement or policy-led programmes for Health and Social Care. Dharam’s Ph.D. is in Physical Anthropology and she also holds an MBA from City University.

Beyond Capital Fund

Beyond Capital Fund is one of our valued partners. Beyond Capital Fund seeks out high potential social entrepreneurs with innovative business models in the areas of healthcare, clean water and energy that operate in India and East Africa, and provides them with the seed capital needed to scale their businesses, move to additional rounds of fundraising, and further expand their impact.

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