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“As a large buying organisation required to provide opportunities for local suppliers on an extractive project or other initiatives, you will still want to develop first a local purchasing strategy which creates a local network of competent suppliers and second a supplier development system design that contains the checks and balances which ensure a successful outcome for you and for local development stakeholders. Once implemented, your investment in supplier development should be turned into intellectual capital in order to help you win new contracts or social license to operate elsewhere.”




Demeter International Development provides local small to medium sized (SME) supply chain development and local contracting solutions for developer, defence and mining, gas and extractive industry/projects in the UK and in emerging and developing economies.  We offer the following services as a package or as a set of stand-alone services:

  • Supplier development programme design with benefits realisation strategies and plans
  • Supplier development programme management
  • Opportunity matching systems (Supplier Development Exchanges)
  • Development of SME Improvement plans in order to access larger contracts
  • Capacity building of SMEs in selected aspects of their value chain
  • Joint Venture development
  • Local procurement strategy design and implementation
  • Women-owned and indigenous-owned supplier development strategies

Our supplier development program services are designed to create and maintain networks by improving various supplier capabilities necessary for the buying organization to meet its increasing competitive challenges.  Our approach places emphasis on grass root integration and inclusion.

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 1000 jobs created or safeguarded in projects we have run
  • Over £41m in new sales generated for small to medium size enterprises through direct bidding or in the supply chain through targeted intervention, opportunity matching and business improvement training

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